The Innovative Webequ Knife: Control, Stability and Balance

Posted by on March 30, 2017 .

Not only do we aim to bring you the best of British design at The Emporium, we try to look a little further from home in the products we stock to ensure we can provide the highest quality items the globe has to offer. In the United Kingdom, Sheffield is famous for its superior Steel quality and Richardson Sheffield arguably produce some of the best knives the U.K. has to offer. Over the pond in Asia, Japanese knife manufacturers Global use the finest Stainless Steel and the traditional Samurai sword tradition to make the professional Chef’s go-to tools. Back in Europe, however Danish designer Webequ are making an impact with their new, innovative knife range and breaking moulds with their unique design.

Webequ’s primary focus is on control, stability, balance and design, claiming to optimize the human bodies strength and functionality when performing the slicing motion. The intelligent and ergonomic shape of the knife features a handle that is raised above or ‘leaning over’ the blade rather than a straight horizontal silhouette and is inspired by the shape of a trowel. This allows the user to maintain an improved grip on the larger handle and to keep fingers away from the sharp blade. Most importantly though, it forces the arm to extend into the knife and eases the amount of force needed in the natural cutting movement.

Cutting through certain foods such as meats, tough vegetables and crusty bread requires precision and force, yet with the Webequ grip you can cut and chop with a significantly reduced amount of energy. In fact tests show that the Webequ Bread Knife requires 30% less power in slicing rye bread compared to a regular knife. The shape ensures that more energy is transferred from the shoulder and into the blade, therefore it’s great for people with reduced arm and shoulder strength or for everyday cooks who wouldn’t mind a more effortless experience.

Use the Vegetable Knife to smoothly chop carrots and potatoes, the dimpled blade provides non-stick easy release for an effective cutting movement, so dinner can be on the table in no time! Glide through beef joints and chicken breasts with the Chef’s Knife and cut through the crustiest of loaves with the Bread Knife. Together the three knives can tackle any meal you care to prepare. 

The brand is slowly starting to make an impact in the kitchenware industry and you will probably be seeing a lot more of them in the future, with aims to tackle well-designed and functional products for the bathroom and garden. Their mantra is 'We Believe in Quality' and we're excited to see what they will come up with next! The three piece range is available from our webshop now for you to get your hands on and try for yourself or they would make the perfect gift for a foodie friend. Either way, keep an eye out, Webequ look set to be a name we will all be familiar with very soon.

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