Tea and Coffee

A cup of tea or coffee is the most popular hot drink choice in Britain, whether it helps you start your day or perks you up in the afternoon. Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, introduced afternoon tea in the early 1840s as a mini meal between lunch and dinner and it is still a popular tradition today in modern society. With an increase in cafe culture recently, coffee has become a popular modern society drink on the go, in the office or at home. Whether you are looking for a modern teapot or a more traditional teapot like Anna might have used, we have a variety of teapots for you to enjoy.

Don’t have the luxury of sitting around stately homes drinking afternoon tea? Do you like to drink your tea or coffee on the go? Well, Emporium Cookshop offer a wide range of travel thermos flasks from well-known brands such as Beau & Elliot and Evri Crayola Crayon, available in different colours and patterns allowing you to look stylish as well as being practical. Each of our Beau & Elliot vacuum flasks also have a matching lunch tote/bag and water bottle available.
With our wide range of tea and coffee products, including a wide range of coffee and tea makers, cup & saucers and matching tea, coffee and sugar storage, you can make sure that your kitchen makes a positive and welcoming impression when it receives guests, family and friends.

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