Emporium Cookshop provides everything you could need to add the finishing touches to your kitchen, home and garden. We have an extensive range of homewares online from kitchen textiles through to new home gifts. To help you organise your kitchen we have an abundance of handy accessories such as cupboard racks, utensil jars, and cookbook stands. Keep your kitchen tidy and structured with these helpful tools, allowing a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. Our kitchen textiles are essentials, not only for the baker but for everyone in the kitchen. Tea towels, oven mitts, and aprons should have a place in every kitchen.

For dining outside, we can also provide you with a range of items to make the whole affair easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re having a picnic or a BBQ, we have plenty of items to make it the best one yet. Travel wine glasses, flexible skewers, and a watermelon keg are just a small example of some of the fun and interesting items we provide. Take a look at our homeware UK collection.