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As the nation is swept by a newfound love and enthusiasm for home cooking, it seems more people are spending time in their kitchens creating culinary delights, whether it’s baking cakes or casseroles. This inevitably means a greater need for more pots and pans to cook with or certainly some decent ones.

However, when it comes to equipping your kitchen, we strongly believe you shouldn’t settle for second best. Investing in quality pots and pans means you’re investing in the future of your cookware, as quality kitchen pots will enjoy a much longer lifespan. But beyond the practical and functional aspects of buying quality pots & pans to improve your cooking finesse, we also believe in the importance of aesthetics, which will look fabulous on your hob too.

At Emporium Cookshop we offer a carefully selected range of kitchen pots and pans that definitely won’t leave you wanting. Supplying leading brands like KitchenCraft, La Porcellana, Stellar and Mauviel, we have something to suit all tastes, requirements and cooking abilities in the kitchen, so cooking up culinary masterpieces should be a breeze, and a pleasure.  

Our stunning collection covers everything you could possibly need to fully equip your kitchen with quality pots and pans for a variety of uses. From non-stick crepe pans with soft grip handles to induction saucepans, cast iron griddle pans and stackable steamers. We also have a gorgeous range of Mauviel copper pans, which can bring a luxurious and rustic charm to both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs, as well as high performance.  

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a budding chef or replacement pots and pans for your own kitchen, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Emporium Cookshop. All our products offer great value, quality and competitive pricing, whether you’re buying individual pans for specific uses like milk pans, woks, casserole dishes and frying pans or you want to buy a complete pan set.

To find everything you need for fabulous cooking, take a closer look at our full range of kitchen pots and pans below, and get additional product information by clicking on individual items.

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