Roasting Cookware

There’s nothing more British than a good old-fashioned roast dinner and while you could head out to the local gastro-pub for some fine food on a Sunday, many of us prefer a home cooked roast dinner served up with all the trimmings. And at Emporium Cookshop we have a fantastic range of roasting cookware to ensure you have the right equipment to make cracking roast dinners week after week.

We stock an assortment of roasting cookware, from high quality roasting trays from top brands like Stellar and celebrity chef James Martin, through to carving trays and handy gadgets like meat thermometers and basters. With our full range of roasting cookware, we’ve got every aspect of meat roasting taken care of.

Regardless of which type of meat you’re roasting, be it a whole roast chicken, a juicy beef sirloin, a shoulder of lamb or tender pork loin, you need to make sure you have a quality roasting tray that is designed specifically for roasting. Trays like the Stellar Hard Anodised Roasting Pan and Rack come with the option to raise the meat up on the rack, allowing the juices to drain out or you can keep it moist by sitting in the juices while it cooks. This particular roasting dish is also suitable for use on hobs, including induction hobs, so making your gravy while your meat is resting is nice and simple.

Most importantly when roasting meat, you want to make sure it not only tastes great, but that it is thoroughly cooked all the way through. Investing in a meat thermometer can be invaluable here, as you can insert the probe into the meat and check the core temperature to calculate if it needs more cooking time. 

Of course, there are plenty of other accessories that can make roasting and serving up your meat much easier too. Our collection of carving boards are specifically designed for carving roasted meats; with designs like the Grunwerg Bamboo Carving Board equipped with metal spikes to hold the meat in place and grooves for collecting meat juices for extra tasty gravy.  We also have plenty more accessories including a choice of Yorkshire pudding roasting trays in various sizes to go with any roast.

You can find all this and more in our full roasting cookware range below, so you can have everything you need for cooking and carving up tasty roasts for everyone to enjoy.

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